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Being out there.

Where are you most creative, most alive, most fulfilled? For a select group among us, the answer is “Not anywhere familiar or comfortable.” Some Milton alumni reach outside conventional settings to find achievement. Milton Magazine offers stories of four individuals who immersed themselves in environments that thoroughly intimidate most people. A passion for their work, infused with a robust appetite for risk, keeps these graduates going.

On campus, a similar driving passion and quest for mastery leads some students from experimenting in the classroom to sharing their skills and discoveries with audiences far beyond Milton, long before they graduate.


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Book: The Boys of Dunbar: A Story of Love, Hope, and Basketball, By Alejandro Danois ’88

The Boys of Dunbar: A Story of Love, Hope, and Basketball By Alejandro Danois ’88 The...

Music: Sélébéyone, By Steve Lehman ’96

Sélébéyone By Steve Lehman ’96 Steve Lehman’s album Sélébéyone was selected as...

Music: The Chief, By Jidenna Mobbison ’03

The Chief Jidenna Mobbison ’03 After his 2015 hit single “Classic Man,” Jidenna...

Book: About the House, By Jenny Slate ’00

About the House By Jenny Slate ’00 Jenny Slate, acclaimed comedienne and actress,...

Art: Timekeeper, by Sarah Sze ’87

Timekeeper Sarah Sze ’87 Sarah Sze’s latest work, Timekeeper, is an experiential...

Film: 72 Hours: A Brooklyn Love Story? By Raafi Rivero ’95

72 Hours: A Brooklyn Love Story? Raafi Rivero ’95 Based on a short film by Bilal...

Book: The Crisis of Classical Music in America, by Robert Freeman ’53

The Crisis of Classical Music in America: Lessons from a Life in the Education of...

Embedded. In the Lives and deepest hopes of the Arab Spring protesters, Robert Worth’s stories illuminate an inaccessible world,  Robert Worth ’83

Looking professorial in a soft blue shirt and unstructured corduroy sport jacket, Robert...

Love Plying the Sky. Already a pilot in Class I, Nancy Harkness Love founded the World War II Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron,  Nancy Harkness Love ’31

by Mary McCutcheon ’65  Imagine enjoying a beautiful autumn afternoon on the Quad....

Is He Othello Today, or Romeo, or Joseph Asagai?  Jason Bowen ’00

“The key is understanding my character’s humanity—his relationships, faults,...

Elbow to Elbow with Urban Neighbors: Making cities that work,  John Marshall ’86

An assistant professor of law and an urban development lawyer, John Marshall “never...

On A Frontier, at 18 Years Old

What happens when you take your energy and your passion as far as you can? Many teenagers...

Growing on Garden Hill

Working in teams, Milton’s fourth graders were assigned a straightforward task: Using...

Terrance Hayes

Weaving imagination with life experience, poet Terrance Hayes shared his work as this...