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Murray “Mac” Dewart ’66
Editor, Poems About Sculpture

Poems About Sculpture is an anthology of poetry—from around the world and across the ages—about humanity’s most enduring art form. Inspired by the ideas embodied in monumental temples and fragmented statues of ancient civilizations, poets over the centuries have converted their reactions to physical materials—clay, wood, glass, marble, granite, bronze—into poetic verse. This anthology, with foreword by Robert Pinsky, ranges from Keats’ Grecian urn and Shelley’s “Ozymandias,” to contemporary works about Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Janet Echelman’s wind-borne hovering nets. Sculptures commemorating love or war, objects or apparitions, forms human or divine, have evoked responses from poets, including Homer, Ovid, Shakespeare, Baudelaire, Rilke, Dickinson, Yeats, Auden and Plath. A compendium of one art form reflecting on another, Poems About Sculpture is a treat for art lovers of all kinds.

Mac Dewart has been creating sculptures for decades. His large-scale works have been on display in museums and exhibition spaces from as nearby as Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, to places as far as China, Peru and Russia.


Publishing stories: researching, interviewing, analyzing, reporting and responding—is challenging and in some cases, dangerous. Has the profession been affected by the wave of invectives, the efforts to sow mistrust, the drive to discredit journalists’ work? What seems difficult and what is rewarding about reporting on the world? Journalists are critical agents in helping us develop the awareness and the acuity to understand our world and to inform our choices.