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Author: Milton Magazine

Student Publications

Piece of Mind Editors: Jocelyn Sabin, Lauren Wei Founded: Spring 2018 Provides a safe platform for students to share their experiences, anonymously or otherwise, regarding mental health. From the editors: “We only launched last spring, so this year we are focused on establishing a presence. We built a website and collaborated with some other clubs. Our board has been amazing at coming up with interesting, creative ideas for the publication.”     Azaad Editors: Akua Owusu, Natasha Roy, Adrian Hackney Founded: 2016 Uses language to bridge cultural gaps and foster important conversations about culture and identity at Milton. Through...

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Stories That Reach for a Fuller Truth

Mae Ryan ’05, Documentary Filmmaker and Journalist Mae Ryan’s wide-lens, tortoise-shell glasses could be a metaphor for her alert, unblinking view of anything she decides to examine. Her unfolding but already celebrated career as a visual journalist is rooted in a love of photography, she says, a focus for her at Milton, and an abiding artistic point of departure as she gained multimedia experience. In 2014, Mae became the Guardian’s first U.S.-based video producer, and her documentaries and interactive projects garnered a raft of prestigious national awards. Those included the Edward R. Murrow Award in Investigative Journalism (video) for...

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Medical News for a Vast Public

Lawrence K. Altman ’54 Larry Altman’s voice sounds the way his prose reads. His patient, calm rendering of facts makes you feel you’re in the presence of the kind doctor you’d like to have: trustworthy, knowledgeable, on the inside track of the latest developments. For a half century, Lawrence K. Altman’s byline has signaled to New York Times readers that important information about medicine and medical science is at hand, in accessible form. “As a medical journalist,” Larry says, “I always tried to approach developments the way a doctor thinks.” It is believed that he was the first medical...

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Same Mission, New Model

Cynthia Needham ’95 “There’s an old saying in newspapers, ‘Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable,’” says Cynthia Needham, a news editor at the Boston Globe. “Our job as journalists is to chronicle what happened—good, bad or ugly—but also to expose what people aren’t seeing. It is our responsibility to hold people accountable, whether you’re covering a city council of five people in the middle of nowhere, or you’re in the White House press gaggle every day.” Cynthia focuses on the Globe’s digital product, helping direct the paper’s website and breaking news team. In the Globe newsroom, a live...

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Shoe-Leather Reporting Adapted to 2019

Fred Melo ’94 You’d never see this headline in the New York Times, or on the Huffington Post home page, or leading your six o’clock news: “Mid-sized city grapples with new waste-management program.” Sanitation, a critical government function—supported by a multibillion-dollar industry—directly affects the human and environmental health of a place. Nevertheless, covering the issue draws only local news consumers, even when something goes wrong. Residents of St. Paul, Minnesota, dealing with a confusing overhaul of their trash collection system, turned to the one place they knew they’d be heard: their local newspaper. “People are getting late bills after...

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