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Author: Milton Magazine

Live Your Truth. Shout Your Kindness.

In a profile for the New Yorker last fall, writer Jeffrey Toobin described a 2014 confrontation in the checkout line at Home Depot between former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick ’74 and a man, angered by a policy decision, who began shouting at the then governor. It was a story about the nature of criticism and praise. Everyone nearby could hear the man’s loud and aggressive assertions, but few heard the whispers of support and kindness from six other people who approached Deval in the store. “Something is so wrong when we learn to shout our anger and whisper our kindness,” he told Toobin. “We have got to learn to stop being ashamed of being kind.” Experience has taught me that it is always wise to read both the Milton Paper and the Milton Measure, especially before Parents’ Weekend. This year, I was moved to tears by the Milton Paper editorial about a survey that asked students what they’d most like to say to their parents. That question might strike fear in the hearts of many parents—or of faculty and administrators. Much to my delight, and I suspect to parents’ as well, the number-one answer was “I love you!” I don’t know whether I was moved more by the students’ expression of love for their parents, or by the publication of the article when positive stories are so hard to...

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Robots Qualify for National Competition

All three of the robots designed by Milton’s Robotics Club qualified for national and state tournaments this year, a testament to the club’s teamwork and collaborative spirit. Students are split into three teams, each competing with its own robot. Milton Robotics is doing better than ever, says Alexander Shih ’19. “Our biggest success, though, is in our team dynamic,” he says. “We are working together, and the rookies are getting a lot of the experience they’ll need to start leading in the future.” “The program has become more and more competitive,” says Chris Hales, club advisor and computer programming...

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Turf Field Opens

In October during Parents’ Weekend, Milton students, parents and faculty gathered to celebrate the dedication of Berylson Field. The new turf field, located behind Millet and Norris houses, modernizes facilities for field hockey and lacrosse and features a new entrance and masonry...

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The Defamation Experience Encourages Dialogue

This year, students participated in The Defamation Experience, an interactive theatrical performance and discussion centered on a fictional courtroom drama involving a civil defamation case. Using the context of a legal trial, the cast navigated issues including race, class, gender and religion, culminating in deliberation and a decision in which students participated as jurors. The post-show discussion, led by a facilitator, provided an opportunity to talk about issues of identity, inclusion, justice and our connection as...

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New Body-Positive Student Group

“You get nothing out of being cruel to yourself, and you gain everything by being kind,” Ginny Barrett ’20 says. “It’s a really hard lesson to learn, but once you’re there, it can be transformative. It starts as simply as looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I look good today.’” This is the message that Ginny and Laura Bailey ’19 hope members take away from the student club Body+ which they cofounded this year: Self-confidence comes from accepting and loving the person you are today. The girls are not just close friends; they’re cousins, and from this lifelong bond they’ve guided each other through the various insecurities that arise in adolescence. Ginny struggled with her confidence in middle school and found it hard to discuss with others. She felt invalidated when people responded to her concerns with “Stop it, you’re beautiful.” “Obviously, when people do that, they’re trying to give you a good message and make you feel better, but they’re not really listening,” Ginny says. “Body image comes from so many outside factors pushing on you, whether it’s society, media, family or friends, which makes it harder to talk about, because you never know whether a response is going to boost you up or push you down. I wanted to create a safe environment for people to share their experiences and really listen to others, and realize they’re...

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