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Author: Milton Magazine

Vanessa Cohen Gibbons: New Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

A leading figure in helping establish a more equitable and just culture at Milton Academy, Vanessa Cohen Gibbons became the School’s first chief equity and inclusion officer in July. Since arriving in 2016 as an Upper School math teacher and dorm faculty member, Cohen Gibbons has played an integral role in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) initiatives at Milton. Since August 2020, she has served as Upper School director of equity; as a member of Milton’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission; and as head of Hathaway House. She has also provided support to Onyx, a student organization that offers social, cultural, and political support for Black students and their peers through meetings and activities, and LGBTQ+ affinity spaces. Cohen Gibbons is grateful to be stepping into a role she believes already has a lot of support. “My understanding is that people choose Milton because they want to be in a diverse environment,” she says. “They already value the opportunity to do this work and that’s a great starting position.” Cohen Gibbons earned her doctoral degree in astronomy at the University of Maryland in 2009. Prior to coming to Milton, she taught math and science and supported DEIJ efforts at Garrison Forest School, in Maryland. Over the years, Cohen Gibbons has participated in numerous DEIJ-related profession- al development opportunities, including at the National Association of Independent Schools Diversity Leadership...

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Stang Stories: Student Podcast Features Alumni

As a freshman, TEDDY ELLIS ‘22 enjoyed guest speakers who came to campus, some of whom were alumni. Ellis wanted more opportunities for students to connect with them, so he launched Stang Stories, a podcast featuring interviews with alumni who share their stories. Stang Stories expanded into an official student club, so other students could participate. So far they have interviewed nine alumni: JIM MEEKS ’97, KENZIE BOK ’07, TAD HILLS ’81, REV. DR. CHLOE BREYER ’87, FRED MELO ’84, SID RAJU ’12, AMY KAUFMAN ’04, EDWARD CUNNINGHAM ’94, and FARAH PANDITH ’86. Although there were some challenges when the pandemic hit, the students were able to manage their meetings and interviews over Zoom and continued to interview alumni throughout the year. Ellis says that overall it’s been the best experience talking to alumni, because “everyone has an interesting story, whether they are a known name or not, and the advice they give is great. We’ve enjoyed the...

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