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Author: Milton Magazine

A Year of Struggle and Opportunity

Head Of School Todd Bland And Board Of Trustees President Lisa Donohue ’83 Reflect On The Past 12 Months. Last march, the United States entered an evolving global crisis— the worst health crisis in a century— that created significant challenges for operating schools. In May, the nation responded to a racial reckoning that also had serious implications for institutions across the country. Milton Magazine spoke with Head of School Todd Bland and Milton’s Board of Trustees President LISA DONOHUE ’83 about the many challenges in the past year, some of the difficult decisions they’ve had to make, and where...

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JENNE COLASACCO ’95 has experienced primary and secondary education from many angles. Raised in the Boston suburb of Needham, Colasacco attended the town’s public schools (k–8) before entering Milton Academy in ninth grade. Later, as a young teacher in Baltimore with Teach For America and then for a few years in Providence’s public schools, she saw yet another side of the education system. “I was always pretty cognizant of the differences in opportunity and privilege among schools—even the differences between my affluent suburban public school and that of Milton,” she says. And I was certainly aware of how my...

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Protecting our planet will be one of mankind’s greatest challenges in the decades ahead. The alumni featured here are working to address some of the challenges—from establishing global collaborative efforts to protecting fragile ecosystems to making sure that the funds needed to address environmental problems are distributed equitably. This article is the first in what we hope will become an ongoing series about Milton alumni who are working in this critical field. PLANETARY HEALTH: SAM MYERS ‘83 As a young physician working on health and conservation projects around the world, SAM MYERS ’83 witnessed up close how mankind’s interactions...

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What does it mean, in a fractured time like this, to be funny? What—in the midst of public health, political, social, and environmental crises—does a sense of humor look like? Comedians have always served society by highlighting the absurd and the ironic, even the darkly morbid opportunities to laugh. Satire, play, jokes, mimicry, and mockery mark thousands of years of art and storytelling around the world. Although humor doesn’t always translate across cultures, funny people—from jesters to playwrights to stand-up comedians to TikTok stars—have played important roles in diverse world traditions. They speak truth to power, call out hypocrisy,...

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How to talk to a teenager as an adult—especially in deep conversations about emotions, life goals, relationships, sex, alcohol, or drugs—is a timeless quandary. But KIMBERLY MCMANAMA O’BRIEN ’96 does it every day and loves it. As a clinical social worker and research scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital, O’Brien says she enjoys “the feeling of trying to connect to the soul of the kid I’m sitting with. It’s a privilege to hear teens talk about what they are going through and what’s hard for them. I do whatever I can to give them a space to talk it through...

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