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Gabriel Gomez

Navy veteran and former Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez was this year’s Conservative Club speaker. Mr. Gomez, the son of Colombian immigrants, attended the United States Naval Academy and later became an aircraft carrier pilot. Within a few years, Mr. Gomez joined the Navy SEALs after passing its intensive selection and training process, and he spent his SEAL career primarily deploying to South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Mr. Gomez, who rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, is one of very few Naval servicemen who have served as both aircraft carrier pilots and Navy SEALs. Following graduation from...

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Danny Ventura

Over more than three decades as a sports journalist, Danny Ventura has covered high school matches, college championships and history-making professional sports events, and athletes at every level have left lasting impressions on him, he told students. Mr. Ventura has worked for the Boston Herald for nearly 30 years. In addition to his Sweet 16 football rankings, Mr. Ventura also writes a weekly “Around the Horn” baseball/softball notebook, the “In the Paint” basketball notebook, and a “No Holds Barred” wrestling column. His “High School Insider” blog was the first of its kind in Massachusetts. He has been honored by...

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James Bowker

News coverage from heavily patrolled conflict zones in places like Syria can have wildly different angles, depending on the sources of information — and which international power has control over the sources, said James Bowker, an analyst and former journalist who has witnessed and tracked the shifts of power in Syria and the Middle East. Mr. Bowker was this year’s SIMA (Students Interested in Middle Eastern Affairs) guest speaker. Mr. Bowker attended Tufts University and studied abroad in Amman, Jordan, receiving his B.A. in Arabic language and Middle Eastern studies in 2013. He later worked in Jordan, facilitating study abroad programs,...

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Wilhemina Agbemakplido

Climate change affects more than ecosystems and air quality — it directly impacts communities of color and lower-income families more significantly than wealthier, white communities, said climate activist Wilhemina Agbemakplido, this year’s Earth Day speaker. Ms. Agbemakplido’s visit to campus was sponsored by the student groups Lorax and the Sustainability Club. She is the energy program manager for the Mass Climate Action Network. Prior to joining MCAN, Ms. Agbemakplido was a co-founder of Refugees Welcome! and worked as a youth and police dialogue facilitator with YW Boston. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a master’s degree in mediation...

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A Master Class in Make-Believe

The playwright who wrote the lyrics and book of Shrek the Musical took in Milton’s performance of the show last spring — and there’s no bad seat in the Ruth King Theatre. Afterward, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire ’88 answered plenty of questions from cast and crew, and let them in on aspects of his career in the performing arts. Here’s a sample. Q: What inspired you to write Shrek the Musical? A: I wrote a play called Fuddy Meers and when it opened in the West End of London, it was produced by Sam Mendes, who is a well-known film...

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