Students Host Independent School Sustainability Conference at Milton

The student-run Independent School Sustainability Coalition (ISSC) held its first one-day conference at Milton to discuss sustainability issues and exchange ideas and initiatives. The coalition was the idea of Ariane DesRosiers ’19, who was inspired by the online literary publication The Tavern, a collaborative effort among independent- school students. Pierce Wilson ’19, Patrick Huang ’18, Max Hui ’18 and Jennifer Chen ’19 also played roles in forming the ISSC, which is made up of 21 schools from all over New England. Seven schools attended the conference.

“When I’m working on sustainability issues at Milton, I sometimes feel like it’s always me and the same 15 students,” says Ariane. “I was happy to see so many other students who are working on and saying the same things I’m doing and saying. It was nice to hear these similar voices. I also loved learning what other schools are doing and different ways to get the community involved.”

Pierce was instrumental in arranging the keynote speaker, Chantelle Mendonsa, who works for the Center for Policy Advocacy at the Natural Resources Defense Council.


The curiosity to ask why and the courage to speak out are qualities that lead to innovation and change. The individuals featured in this issue embody these qualities. Through their questioning, leadership, and willingness to share their views, they are making a difference–in their professions and in the world.