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A Fresh Start for a Family Business

When the Sicilian-born Joseph DeLuca took over ownership of the Charles Street fruit and grocery store, in the 1930s, a gallon of milk cost about 32 cents and a loaf of bread 6 cents. Almost 100 years later, his great-nieces, Caroline Aiello ’98 and Victoria Aiello ’08, the market’s new owners, stand poised both to continue the grocery’s legacy as a mainstay in the neighborhood and to usher in a new era in a vastly changed world.

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Lesson Plans for Spaceship Earth

In 1966, a New Yorker article described R. Buckminster (“Bucky”) Fuller 1913—one of Milton’s most famous graduates—as “an engineer, inventor, mathematician, architect, cartographer, philosopher, cosmogonist, and comprehensive designer.” An internationally renowned figure who wrote 28 books, held 28 patents, and earned 47 honorary doctoral degrees, Fuller offered a more succinct autobiographical description, calling himself “the world’s most successful failure.”

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Building a Legacy

“If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.” – Maya Angelou, author

Building a legacy requires quiet determination and bold vision. The individuals featured in this issue possess those qualities, having brought new ideas, direction, and change into the lives of others and into their communities.