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Author: Milton Magazine

Nesto Photography Exhibit Featured Student Work

In the fall, the Nesto Gallery exhibited “I Need ___ To Breathe” as a 150-foot outdoor fence installed in front of the Kellner Performing Arts Center. (also inside in the Arts Commons Gallery). “I Need ___ To Breathe” was an interactive portrait project created by photography teacher Scott Nobles, in collaboration with three Advanced Photography students—THEA CHUNG ’21, LAUREN WALKER ‘21, and MADDIE WEILER ‘21; and assistance from SEBASTIAN PARK ‘21 with computer programming. Photographic portraits and audio recordings of more than 250 participants were captured at multiple Black Lives Matter events, rallies, protests, and vigils throughout the summer of 2020. Along...

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Milton in the World: Patrick Radden Keefe ’94 Discusses Say Nothing and Writing

Award-winning author and investigative journalist PATRICK RADDEN KEEFE ’94 spoke with students and alumni about his work, particularly his New York Times best seller Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland, as part of the Milton in the World webinar series. Radden Keefe said he knew when he was a Milton student that he wanted to be a writer, but it took many years of rejection letters before he began writing professionally. Today, he is a staff writer at The New Yorker, producing long-form pieces that dive deep into a range of subjects, “from the...

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Documentary Filmmaker Byron Hurt Speaks to Milton Athletes

Many boys in society are conditioned from a young age to be tough, to hide their emotions, and to avoid any appearance of behaving “like a girl,” documentary filmmaker and anti-sexist activist Byron Hurt told student-athletes last fall as part of a series of speakers in the fall to promote mental fitness. This mindset favors aggression, prevents boys from connecting with their emotions, and undervalues girls and women, sometimes leading to toxic masculinity and violence, said Hurt, who visited Milton athletes virtually. “I grew up in a culture where you had to perform a certain kind of manhood and...

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Cooking With the Zimmers!

Comfort food is having a moment, and science faculty member Heather Zimmer is showing students how to make it at home on a weekly cooking show. It’s part of the new Opt-In Program, in which faculty host casual and fun Zoom sessions such as trivia nights and current events discussions. The Opt-In Program started last fall after a few faculty members and student head monitors ELIZA DUNN ’21 and GARVIN MCLAUGHLIN ’21 thought about ways to keep the strong sense of community at Milton while in a remote environment. Zimmer says she and her husband, the head chef at...

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Poet Richard Blanco is Bingham Visiting Writer

“A poem isn’t really done until it’s shared and lives in someone else,” said Bingham Visiting Writer Richard Blanco. Blanco read and discussed his poetry, which centers on ideas of home, identity, and nationality, with students in a Zoom webinar. “What is home?” said Blanco, who immigrated to Miami as a child with his Cuban-exile parents. This idea grew bigger into What is a country? In my poems, I’m asking these questions for all of us.” When he was growing up, he said, he wasn’t sure if he was part of the American story. It wasn’t until he was...

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