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Author: Milton Academy

Anika Walker-Johnson Appointed Milton’s First Director of Residential Life

Anika Walker-Johnson launched her boarding school career in 2001 at Tabor Academy, where she taught English and served for 17 years in both boys’ and girls’ dormitories. For four years, Walker-Johnson also served as a head class advisor, and for five years she coordinated Tabor’s community service program. In 2007, she stepped into the role of dean of multicultural education and community life, chairing the Faculty Diversity Leadership Council and authoring the school’s statement of diversity and inclusion. She subsequently became Tabor’s first associate director of admission for multicultural recruitment. In 2018, Walker-Johnson became the director of equity and inclusion at Germantown Academy, a gender-inclusive day school with 1,200 students. There she collaborated with senior administrators to develop and implement the school’s equity and inclusion goals across three divisions, chaired the Equity & Inclusion Leadership Team, consulted on student disciplinary cases, partnered with counselors to support restorative practices, and cochaired the Black Family Alliance.

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Sandy Butler, Lower School, 2001–2022

By Jenn Katsoulis Lower School Faculty Former Lower School Principal Annette Raphel told me that 20 years ago, we were about to start school without an art teacher. On a Friday before Labor Day, a tip came in about Sandra Butler. She interviewed and left us speechless. Sandy taught us to WAIT for the perfect teacher and never settle. Sandy is described as kind, talented, wise, funny, and “a magician disguised as an art teacher.” She has a magical clarity with children, treating them with enormous respect and confident expectations they will produce their best. She shared with me openly about the first time she taught kindergarten, planning an activity that overestimated their experience with scissors. Sandy’s takeaway was to be grateful for this lesson: students showed her what they needed to learn, therefore she developed lessons on fine motor skills. Sandy is a wizard at introducing students to ways of seeing real and imaginary worlds, appreciating different media and art forms, and celebrating artists who have brought techniques and perspectives to the world. She approaches learning and teaching in multiple ways. While teaching portrait sketching, she poses in a beautiful hat, reading stories aloud. Her elaborate set designs for the Grade 5 Play allow students to “own” the colorful work they make. While Sandy’s art curriculum is fun, a look at the scope and sequence reveals a careful...

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Terri HerrNeckar, Mathematics Department, 1996–2022

By Gregg Reilly Mathematics Department Faculty With passion, integrity, creativity, clarity, and humor, Terri has committed herself to the education of young people for the past 37 years. An avid sports fan and keen-eyed photographer, Terri is a big picture thinker. She sets clear and high standards for students and colleagues. And, with compassion and kindness, Terri champions their cause in meeting them. That’s the right thing to do! That’s Terri’s way! Said another way (Terri will expect this), Terri is always looking to think outside the box, while simultaneously coloring between the lines. Terri arrived at Milton in 1996 as the Mathematics Department was shifting away from traditional textbooks that had become both less relevant to and more expensive for our students. As Terri would say, “That’s just wrong!”. With her keen eye for detail and outstanding editing skills, Terri became a driving force behind the writing of curriculum that would provide our students with a more dynamic and responsive experience for more than two decades. Her trademark TJH can be found on countless documents used in myriad courses, many of which she hasn’t taught in over a decade. Most recently, she revamped our honors calculus curriculum, starting with integration which many feel is the more historically accurate development. Terri is the consummate lifelong learner and a gifted teacher who knows that how each student learns best is...

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Manny Taveras, Facilities Services, 1985–2022

By Nick Parnell Director of Facilities Services Manny started at Milton 37 years ago this year, having spent his entire career as part of the grounds team within facilities services. Known as someone always willing to learn new things and ready for any challenge that came his way, Manny ensured that he and other members of the grounds team successfully completed every season-related task. There was not any job he would not take on. From growing grass to building walls and fences, to ensuring irrigation was working properly, to the basics of weed-wacking and picking up trash, he was focused on ensuring that the school grounds sparkled. Under Manny’s direction, each playing field was lined for the appropriate sport and met dimension requirements. He could operate any piece of equipment needed and was always ready to mentor and teach others. Manny was also integral to the school’s event set-ups. He played a key role in ensuring that the school always had the appropriate tables, chairs, and other needs available in the tents and gym when the school had to revise its approach during COVID. Manny took great pride in his job and there was never any question about whether a task scheduled would be completed. His exacting nature showed in everything that he did, especially in the perfectly lined up corners between paths and fields. He literally (and stubbornly)...

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