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Points of View

Points of View

Seniors project the Milton they know to prospective students through Milton’s Instagram account. They are OBK (Orange and Blue Key) members, who lead campus tours for the office of admission and help interested students learn about the life of the School. OBK heads managed our Instagram account throughout the year, starting with a “selfie” post to introduce themselves. Do their posts give you a sense of Milton?

Jade May
miltonacademy Today, my Advanced Bio class worked with bacteria and slime mold! #daretobemilton


Kalaria Okali
miltonacademy I’m a section editor for the Milton Measure and tonight the Measure and the Paper join together to create Milton’s humor publication: The Shallot. #daretobemilton


Sophie Clivio
miltonacademy Brigadier General Johnson was our amazing Veteran’s Day speaker this morning. He spoke to us about the importance of service, and we thank him for his service.


Sophie Clivio
miltonacademy Sit-down dinner in Hallowell!! #dormpride #hallowell #happythursday


Kalaria Okali
miltonacademy Learning how to play dreidel at the JSU Hanukkah party! #daretobemilton


Velan Nandhakumaran
miltonacademy Hi guys, my name is Velan and I will be taking over the Milton Academy Instagram this week!! I’m going to give you a sneak peek inside of my life at school! I’m from Mississauga, Canada and a senior on the hockey team residing in Forbes house. #daretobemilton #funfunfun


Emily Panarese
miltonacademy Taking a break from studying with some fun slime making in Milton’s Art with a Social Conscience club!!



Alumni who must find and declare the truth as their life’s work live in rigorous times. What is the impact on their work, and on their persons, when public voices dismissively declare that the truth is fake, or that an alternate reality is true? We asked alumni who mine for the truth in different domains: How hard it is to find the truth? How difficult is it to know what’s real?

And in an environment of widespread mistrust, what happens to the reality they bring forward?

How vulnerable is the truth?

How illusive is the truth?

What, we wanted to know, is the daring part of “daring to be true”—finding it, declaring it, keeping it alive, making sure it matters?