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Bob Ryan

Well-known sports journalist Bob Ryan made the case that sports play an important role in people’s lives, whether they are athletes or fans. Along with other “leisure pursuits” such as books, movies and the arts, Mr. Ryan said sports fill a gap, enriching lives with a competitive and unifying spirit. Mr. Ryan is a retired columnist for the Boston Globe’s sports section, where his work still appears semi-regularly. He has been writing for the Globe since 1968, covering all of Boston’s sports teams. Mr. Ryan is also a regular panelist on ESPN’s Sunday morning roundtable, “The Sports Reporters.”

“Some people say sports are just entertainment. But sports are unscripted, which is what makes them different from just entertainment. When you go to a concert, you don’t want to be surprised; you want to hear the music you expect. With sports, there is a good chance for surprises.”

Education: What Lies Ahead?

The events of the past several years have been especially challenging for the field of education. But the circumstances of these times have also brought about the potential for growth and innovation. Some of Milton’s alumni and teachers share their perspectives.