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Gerry Brosnahan, Facilties Services, 2001–2022

Gerry Brosnahan

By Nick Parnell
Director of Facilities Services


Gerry has been at Milton for over 20 years, serving as the school’s in-house plumber on the facilities services team. I would like to take a few minutes to acknowledge Gerry and all he has contributed to Milton.

As a licensed plumber, Gerry has overseen the maintenance and repair of the school’s vast array of plumbing systems at Milton, which are old and complex. From troubleshooting sewer line connections to ensuring sufficient hot water from the school’s central plant to adding bottle fillers to making sure all of our bathrooms are operational in academic, athletic, and dorm buildings as well as faculty housing, Gerry was the go-to person. He ensured that the school was in compliance with annual backflow testing requirements; that main drain cleaning occurred annually, and addressed other issues such as the annual infamous grease trap cleaning at the snack bar.

His efforts consistently reduced system downtime, which is critical on a 24/7 campus, whether he was called during the workday or the middle of the night. Gerry also served as an advisor on recent and upcoming large building projects. His reviews ensured that the expansion and modernization of the school’s bathrooms and kitchens would include fixtures that would stand the test of time and would avoid potential issues as they were tied into existing systems. Most recently, across the COVID pandemic, Gerry made multiple modifications to bathrooms to keep the campus safe, including changing out sink hardware sets and adding toilet covers to over 150 fixtures.

Gerry was a team player and worked with many other disciplines, including the school’s HVAC, electrical, and general repair trades staff to complete more complex tasks across the facilities department. He took ownership and made sure every task was seen to completion. In addition, Gerry was an integral part of the snow removal team and could be found driving one of our larger plows at all hours.

No matter what room he walked into or whatever situation he found, Gerry was always ready with a quip or a joke to fit the situation, and his smile could light up a room. His can-do attitude was always on display, and when located on the radio to address an issue, his response was always “I’ll take care of it.” Gerry, we appreciate your many contributions and thank you for keeping Milton Academy running. We wish you the best in your retirement.

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