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Chris White, Facilities Services, 2009–2022

Chris White, Facilities Services, 2009–2022

For more than 14 years, until the end of 2022, Chris White managed the school’s mailroom and facilities supply purchasing. In so doing, he interfaced with students, faculty, and staff on a regular basis, making sure that everyone received what they needed—literally. This was accomplished despite a dramatic increase in packages over the last decades as well as the trials and tribulations of UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and many others that would result in packages “mis-delivered” or put in the wrong place, especially during COVID. A great part of Chris’ success was knowing every vendor and delivery person by name, ensuring that their visits to Milton were positive. It used to be said that of the US Postal Service that neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night would keep the staff from their appointed rounds; to put a proper analogy to Chris, it would probably take an avalanche in the Blue Hills to slow him down.

Within Milton, Chris gained a reputation for being highly dependable and always willing to help someone out. Coming into the office at times during each break, Chris and the mailroom staff would ensure that those who lived on campus would continue to get their mail. At the start of the school year, Chris made sure that deliveries of mission-critical items would make their way to where they belonged.

Despite all the stress that this type of job might cause, Chris has been described as “probably the easiest going person on campus.” He was always calm and had a smile to share for those who stopped by the mailroom, even for those who slid in the door near 4 p.m.. He was friends with adults from all departments, divisions, and ranks. He is someone who is to the point, genuine and himself no matter who he was talking to.

In his retirement, Chris is looking forward to spending time with his two grandchildren. While he could not be with us here today—as he is on a two-week vacation with his extended family—please join me in thanking Chris for his many years of service and making sure we all received what we needed.

Nick Parnell
Director, Facilities Services

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