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Cornel West meets with Milton English Students

“What does it mean to be human?” philosopher Cornel West asked Milton students. “How do we hold onto integrity in the face of oppression? How do we hold onto honesty in the face of deception? How do we hold onto decency in the face of insult and assault, and how do we hold on to the enabling virtue of them all—courage—in the face of catastrophic bombardment?”

West, a renowned scholar, writer, and activist, joined students taking Philosophy and Literature virtually last week. He discussed how literature can help people understand seemingly insurmountable challenges, or what Samuel Beckett called “the mess” of modern human existence.

Young people are facing catastrophic political, social, and environmental issues, West said. They may find some clarity in the work of artists and thinkers who “wrestle with catastrophe.” A self-described “Chekhovian Christian,” West said he finds healing in work that confronts disaster head-on.

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Anika Walker-Johnson Appointed Milton’s First Director of Residential Life

Anika Walker-Johnson launched her boarding school career in 2001 at Tabor Academy, where she taught English and served for 17 years in both boys’ and girls’ dormitories. For four years, Walker-Johnson also served as a head class advisor, and for five years she coordinated Tabor’s community service program. In 2007, she stepped into the role of dean of multicultural education and community life, chairing the Faculty Diversity Leadership Council and authoring the school’s statement of diversity and inclusion. She subsequently became Tabor’s first associate director of admission for multicultural recruitment. In 2018, Walker-Johnson became the director of equity and inclusion at Germantown Academy, a gender-inclusive day school with 1,200 students. There she collaborated with senior administrators to develop and implement the school’s equity and inclusion goals across three divisions, chaired the Equity & Inclusion Leadership Team, consulted on student disciplinary cases, partnered with counselors to support restorative practices, and cochaired the Black Family Alliance.

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